"Connected. Smarter." 

At ClickDistrict, we believe that custom technology is a key differentiator in Digital Media. That is why we have spent 3,5 years making a difference developing our demand side platform. Outperforming out-of-the-box DSP platforms with up to 50%, proves that in an environment that is more and more dominated by auction driven exchanges, we can make a difference by being smarter.

Our custom technology helps us connect brands to consumers across all digital media. This holistic approach enables us to deliver campaigns at the right time to the right user over all devices.

With full control and transparency for the advertiser, we deliver ads smarter and safer. Smarter by optimizing both brand and response metrics through one engine, safer through our brand safety products. Brand safe delivery is key for premium brands. That is why we have invested heavily in our fraud detection algorithm that is unique to the market.

The cloud-based platform is extremely scalable and is constantly improved, incorporating every aspect of the digital media arena.

Our platform has been branded Platform161 and is used by clients like Telegraaf Media Group (TMG) and Digital Response.

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