ClickDistrict Audience

  "Don't target. Connect with your audience" 

The Digital Media space offers un-paralleled targeting possibilities through data targeting. Connecting with the right audience is key for advertisers seeking to build their brand among the right users. The data makes sure we can minimize waste dramatically and offers extremely targeted campaigns. This way, ad delivery is more efficient and is preventing that consumers are targeted with ineffective non-relevant advertising.

ClickDistrict works with both 3rd party data providers and custom built data sets. Through our custom-built audience engine we create unique sets of audiences for our advertisers.

Minimizing waste and optimizing brand value is where audience campaigns are extremely effective.

With ads served in ClickDistrict’s brand-safe private exchange, and extended to all the major automated exchanges, we maximize reach and value for our advertisers.


Retargeting campaigns have taken a huge lift with the introduction of Real Time Bidding. Retargeting allows for very efficient targeting of the right users. We see retargeting as an audience, not only for driving sales, but also as a tool to up-sell to consumers familiar with the brand. With retargeting, it is possible to create and retain more brand loyal customers.

For many, retargeting is a product in itself. To us, retargeting is part of an integral digital media plan.

ClickDistrict | Branded Response

  "Quality traffic builds brands" 

For any brand advertiser that needs response or sales, traffic to the website is the first step. Our state-of-the-art custom algorithm delivers traffic and sales within a white-listed and brand-safe environment.

Both in our private exchange of direct publisher relationships and on automated exchanges our algorithm seeks the right user through a process of value-ing over a million data points. Especially in an auction driven market, our technology makes the difference by being smarter.

Why pay millions to build your brand and get low quality traffic from suspicious websites? We believe you can build your brand and reach your ROI goals at the same time.

Transparent delivery offers advertisers complete control while still getting the full potential of our integrated algorithm.

ClickDistrict | Mobile

  "Mobile is personal business" 

In just a few years mobile devices have become one of the most frequently used digital mediums.  Smart phones and tablets dominate the market and enable the consumer to surf the web, use social media, buy products, watch video and interact with each other. We see the mobile device as a great opportunity to interact with the consumer to build your brand or generate response.

Connected to all the major exchanges, together with our private exchange, we offer both in-app and mobile site advertising.

With a wide range of targeting options and a transparent buying model, we see mobile advertising as an integral part of the digital marketing space.

ClickDistrict | Video

  "Youtube has 4 billion online daily views" 

Video is more and more consumed through digital media these days. Supported by faster Internet connections, a continuously growing amount of consumers watch online videos and share them through social media. As a medium, video is the ultimate digital branding tool, offering the advertiser the ability to show full-blown TV commercials in an environment of unparalleled attention from the user.

When your brand needs high impact brand advertising, video is the digital media type for advertisers. Serving in a 100% brand-safe environment, we connect the video audience to all other digital media. Video advertising can be the starting point for an integrated digital campaign, combining both branding and response.

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