Shaping the Future of the Internet 

About eValue

Some ideas are ahead of their time. eValue is looking exactly for these ideas and takes them under their wing. As the technical possibilities of internet are growing, so are the options for online-marketing. For many, web publishers refinancing with online advertising proves to be a litmus test. eValue’s mission is to bring new online-marketing ideas to market. The venture capitalist supports technology startups in developing innovative ideas for online-marketing, also on an international level.

eValue supports its portfolio companies not only financially. The company provides technical know-how and assists with marketing and sales. Companies within their portfolio often collaborate and achieve powerful synergies. Furthermore, eValue supports the portfolio companies with networking opportunities, financial and HR management, PR efforts and mergers & acquisitions consulting.

Founder and CEO, Thomas Falk, has over 10 years of international management experience. He connects the leading experts of different backgrounds in order to give new business ideas a boost. With his involvement he helps passing down his knowledge to other entrepreneurs.

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